Seeing is Believing.

Get an understanding of how you can better optimise, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 or Azure environment with a free, no obligation, 21-day Health Check.

Quick & Safe Setup

The Surveil Health Check takes just 10 minutes to onboard, and only requires read-only access.

Proof of Concept

See the results for yourself, demonstrating the power of Surveil and its potential for optimisation, security, and control.

In-Depth Reporting

The Surveil Health Check reports on finance optimisation, JML, cloud application usage, and much more.

Powered by AI

Use AI-backed intelligence to gather insights, build an overview of your environment, and generate the actionable recommendations that will guide you to success.

Better Decision Making

Identify areas of transformation, danger, and improvement – then act confidently, with the insights to inform smart decision making.

Stay Safe

Locate gaps in the security perimeter, throw a spotlight on risks, and create opportunities to automate governance - all while monitoring how security features are being used.

Request Your Health Check

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